Something long term hopefully

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The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary. In addition to his successes on radio, in movies, on television, and in live shows, Bob Hope born has developed a reputation for his untiring efforts to entertain and boost the morale of American military personnel stationed all over the world and for the numerous appearances he has made in the name of various charities.

If you followed the news and Something long term hopefully after Barack Obama came into the presidency, you may be familiar with the phrase "hope is not a strategy" as said by Rudy Giuliani in the fall ofin response to President Obama's message of hope and change.

However, Mr Giuliani did not Something long term hopefully the phrase. In fact, the origin of this quote is unclear. Home Sentence Hopefully Hopefully sentence example hopefully. Hopefully they would come visit sometime. Jake asked hopefullyreappearing in the bathroom doorway. Hopefully things would settle down for them now, but it was comforting knowing that their love was strong enough to survive the worst. Hopefully he'll come around. It was my first, and hopefully only, trip in the caged back of a siren-screaming squad car. Hopefullythis was his one and only session with drinking too much.

Hopefullythey'll use me as a full-time therapist later. Hopefullyit would stay away. Hopefullythey grappled with the same problems locating the souls. Hopefullyher smile wasn't as strained as it felt. Hopefullyshe could get her job at the diner. The Internet will greatly speed the research and, hopefullythe safety of GM foods. Hopefullythey don't see us either. Better to stay away until the facts were known—or, hopefullyJeffrey came in on the tide. You could finance the entire government and its hopefully noble agenda, by this method alone. Hopefullythe why of it wouldn't come out until she could explore that building.

Hopefully you will be able to enjoy the experience of networking online. Hopefully he wasn't talking about her. Hopefullyhe can handle a little bloodlust. We are looking forward to working with EDHA and this will hopefully pave the way for similar schemes in area. But that day remains, hopefullystill far enough off not to be too concerned about it. This, in turn, causes more people to check out the store, and then hopefully boosted sales.

When they select an item or hopefully more than one the "shopping cart" remembers what they wanted. Hopefully she wasn't offended. Hopefully he would be in a better mood after they got back home. Hopefully her voice didn't sound as unsteady to him as it did to her.

Something long term hopefully

Hopefully Mary wouldn't be too angry with him. Hopefully she hadn't repeated the information. Hopefully there were no tears, and he was able to walk out instead of tumbling into bed with her like he wanted to. HopefullyI'll be able to transcend language barriers with visual storytelling. Hopefully therefore the adjacent brief notes should help improve this skill.

While there will be hurdles to overcome, hopefully the blessings you'll receive from this wonderful relationship will more than outweigh any difficulties you encounter. You have to try and interpret what you believe to be the person's taste, and hopefully come up with something that will make them happy. If there is no aggressive behavior, keep a close eye and hopefully the bonding process will begin and they will slowly become the best of friends. Hopefully a solid week of this conditioning will help your situation.

Hence the expression, you always want what you can't have With maturity and time, hopefullyyour "fear of commitment" will change into appreciating how wonderful it is to be with a caring, loving person. Hopefully some of the tips provided above will help you get through this trying time. Compose a thoughtful message that highlights your hopes and dreams for them as a married couple together, hopefully for many years to come. The key to choosing an appropriate and hopefully beloved gift is to remember the couple's tastes and choose items based on what they want, not on what you want to give.

Hopefully I can solve that problem before it comes to me. If the two do get back together, hopefully that whole combining celebrity couples names trend is over and the two will never be annoyingly referred to as "Vaugniston" ever again. Hopefullywhen it does, it is in the best interest of all parties involved, especially their two children.

Hopefullynot something too dark as reports surfaced last week that some of her friends feared she might be suicidal. Hopefully someone will be willing to work with you. Hopefullythe relationship is a good one. Hopefully the following tips will help you push those figures up to 15 to 20 percent. Hopefullyfor your maiden voyage you have selected a nice quite place to get used to your car.

When you take your car in for repair, you'll be better prepared to talk to the technician and hopefully get your problem resolved without any complications. Your first stop for diet planning should be your doctor and hopefully your nutritionist. Hopefully you'll never need those phrases, but if you do you will have them at the ready. Hopefully you'll never have to find out whether or not your employer maintains a reinsurance policy. The best picks are pretty, priced right and made with high-quality materials that will hopefully last you for quite a while.

This way, you'll hopefully be getting more product for your money. Whether you're a slip of a thing or heavier in the bosom, this luxury bra company has provided an option or hopefully two just for you. Hopefullythis is Something long term hopefully the end of such a musically talented group of artists. In the new year, expect to see her on the road again, both in the US, and hopefullyworldwide.

Hopefully these unique ideas will help you plan a party that the guest of honor and her friends and family won't soon forget! Hopefullyyou'll have a good idea of how many guests will be attending this dinner so you know how much food to serve, as well as how many plates, utensils, cups, etc. I've written a book sharing my experiences so I can hopefully help other girls. Hopefully they are enough to get your started and understand how detailed the creators made each ship in the Galactica universe.

Hopefully if you overdid it in the sun, you only have a mild sunburn. Plus you hopefully did the skin test so you should have a little dye on your arm. Even if people can not attend a gallery opening, they can still view, and hopefully purchase the artists work online. Hopefullythis article taught you how to use Facebook and understand how to do the most common functions Facebook offers. According to a Squidoo review, these blogs can "hold top positions" in search engines, driving users to your sites and hopefully enticing them to click on your.

Hopefully the school team will have a range of helmets to pick from, but if you have to buy, it's better to buy a new one than to try and save a few Something long term hopefully on a secondhand helmet that doesn't fit. Stay current: All the media player sites above are constantly upgraded and hopefully improving their delivery methods. On your website, it is an opportunity to allow Something long term hopefully to do the same - but in making it a guestbook, you hopefully avoid the tendency of people to be nasty when they can be anonymous.

That way you can avoid situations like JetBlue's, and be sure that your customers are having a good experience and hopefully will be coming back for more. He was reluctant to pore over mug shots as he assumed the car would be located momentarily, and hopefully his assailants.

Hopefully students recognize the diversity that exists in all parts of the subject. The height of the wall has now been increased, hopefully allaying any concerns. As this book will hopefully show, motor sport develops fast and people's allegiance to Oulton Park sticks. It's my best alms result in five starts so hopefully we can go one better in Atlanta. Although I did start looking at this idea during last years aw so hopefully it will continue this year.

Hopefully you will be able to breakfast on the wooden carved balcony in the morning sun. I'm planning the opposite way up for my bottle tops - mini cloches to hopefully defend against the evil slugs! I've more sown hopefully germinating in the tent cloche. Hopefully the cooler weather will attract more condors to Fragua Chica.

Their TV program about our investigation will hopefully help to educate Italian consumers about the suffering involved in providing them with their meat. Hopefullya good of religious people will muster the courage to read the book anyway. I hopefully won't ever get as much horsetail as needed for the fresh decoction! The donkey Derby will hopefully probably be the last one I'll see again. The presence of the vehicles alone will hopefully deter some from getting involved in criminal behavior.

Something long term hopefully

I found the melodic dictation quite hard but didn't find the rest of the exam too bad so hopefully I have passed. The fact that we are holding Ladders Week and have published guidance on how to use ladders safely will hopefully dispel these myths. Hopefully everyone that attended this squad will remember these kihon drills and be able to practice them at their own dojos. And hopefully something to also satisfy my desires for teen drama with a supernatural edge.

We'd find a group of people hopefully experiencing mild contentment, and a group of people experiencing ecstatic euphoria. And hopefully the one-way system at the other end wo n't flummox me too much.

Something long term hopefully

Tellingly his promise has been to rediscover the channel's old nose for risk, plans that will hopefully bear fruition in Hopefully this will be the last increase in the foreseeable future. The young gannets tumble off the rock, hopefully learning to fly on the way down in this ultimate school of hard knocks. Ending in 14 points each, all players stepped up to the line to hopefully shoot that golden hoop!

Something long term hopefully

Hopefullymeanwhile, something about the film remains ineffable until next time. Hopefullynext year the cafes will be better prepared to handle the influx of visitors Keith.

Something long term hopefully

Hopefully in time you will find the service invaluable. We tried to get teachers involved which hopefully would lead to the students becoming interested. As the levels become Something long term hopefully than the norm it would make me uncomfortable but would hopefully kick-start my own breathing mechanisms. Hopefully these will cure the lockups I was experiencing with the earlier driver. Warp speed and, hopefullyI'm transformed from kennel maid to sultry vamp.

Hopefullythose with expert or technical knowledge will in to assist others. I look forward to next years panto, hopefully the Krankies will be back! Hopefully they'll iron out a problem that seems less prolific in other branches. I will, however, without hopefully unnecessarily prolonging the subject try to respond to a of points made.

Together you can hopefully put together a strong case for this ' Note in Lieu ' to be superseded by a statemented provision. Hopefully you all received your copy of Celebrating Cycling - an 8 pullout inside the regular Your District Council Matters magazine. Trevor has found some rad pipes, so hopefully one of those will fit the other good rad I have.

Hopefully those rare raptors will be more active next time around. Although hopefully not so sneaky that, if she gets seen, she can't convincingly argue that she got lost. Crookes had a good match and hopefully will bring some solidity to the back four which still concedes too many goals. Of course a bug repellent spray or similar will hopefully keep most bugs at bay. The style or presentation is also being revised to hopefully make the standards less sterile, or putting it plainly - boring. So hopefully we will be able to ride it together although towing the trets quite a bit this summer.

Something long term hopefully

I passed as South because of nice controls, hopefully a trump trick or a club ruff or two. Hopefully people watch it and enjoy the show and go right, yo ully people watch it and enjoy the show and go right, yo u are just like us. The nursery are hopefully going to make us all some pumpkin soup tomorrow!

Hopefully find someone that could put up with his quicksilver mind and bad morning temper. The global DD movement also develops various types of strategy, hopefully resulting in the realization of these visions.

Something long term hopefully Something long term hopefully

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