Sex partner in Grapevine

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Treatment Centers Support Groups. Sex Therapy in Grapevine, TX. See all therapists in Grapevine. Offers online therapy. Your sex life is Sex partner in Grapevine you anxiety and distress and you may not be sure what to do about it.

Whether it's dysfunction or difference in desires, something isn't working. I work primarily with couples to focus on not only your sex life, but your emotional intimacy and communication. Relationships are like a puzzle with each part impacting the other, and sometimes it can feel messy and hopeless. I also work with individuals who are exploring their sexuality or may be struggling in personal relationships.

Many of my clients are searching for peace, connection, and pleasure in their relationships, and I can help you get there! View. I have a strong desire to help couples experience the healing power of emotional connection. My specialization in attachment and trauma has lent itself to helping families reimagine their future, deepen their intimacy, and nurture their connection. As a d Marriage and Family Therapist Associate and a d Professional Counselor Intern, I help women and teens impacted by betrayal and emotionally destructive relationships.

I have a special love for leading couples groups and joyfully practice in both Dallas and Grapevine. My passion and specialty is working with individuals and couples to build the kinds of relationships they want. Whether you struggle with low or unmatched sexual desire, problems with orgasm or ejaculation, history of trauma or abuse, anxiety or depression, relationship or intimacy issues, or some combination of these, I can help. I work from the Pragmatic-Experiential therapy model.

Sex partner in Grapevine

By incorporating a down-to-earth attitude, research on neuroscience and successful relationships, and practical tips and strategies, I will help you to identify the patterns that are both helping and hurting your relationship and your sex life. I provide sexual addiction help in an atmosphere that is encouraging and accepting and meet the client and his or her family where they are. I treat drug and alcohol dependence, and associated trauma, grief, and depression as well. I treat cybersex addiction, pornography addiction, multiple affairs, and other sexually compulsive behavior.

Sexual addiction, like other addictions, affects the whole family system. Help is provided for the whole family from a gentle, and compassionate focus. Office is near:.

Sex partner in Grapevine

Has your sex life left you feeling anxious or frustrated? Have you experienced trauma, infidelity or medical concerns that has impacted your sexual function?

Sex partner in Grapevine

Do you and your partner continue to argue over the "small things"? It is time to stop ignoring these sensitive issues and talk to someone who is genuine, has an open mind and is non-judgmental. My goal is to provide Sex partner in Grapevine safe environment to help you discover your strengths and develop solutions to overcome the challenges you may face. Are you tired of fighting about sex, living more like roommates than lovers? Do you argue with your spouse more than you get along? Are past hurts getting in the way of present-tense happiness? When you meet with me, we will work together to create real and lasting change in your marriage.

No, it won't be easy; but it will be worth it. And through it all, you will find hope, help, and healing in a caring, Christ-centered environment. As a therapist, I am trained in theories and techniques of counseling. However, it is the all important interaction between the client and myself where the art of therapy exists. This art is the rapport established by my value for each client and a high regard for the distinctive qualities they bring to the sessions and their own unique experiences. I believe in encountering clients where they are, with humble respect for what they bring into sessions.

Are you tired of feeling discontent and disappointed in relationship with yourself and others? It's my passion to help people identify your anxieties and insecure attachment style that comes from early-life environment, experiences and relationships; and work towards a healthy and secure attachment that in happiness and satisfaction. Let's help you become more confident and secure.

Where do you go to be heard - to have an audience for the language of your heart? One of the most important things in life is to know that you are heard, cared for, and that there's realistic hope. I am always careful to make sure you know there's a safe place for you to talk and Sex partner in Grapevine all the issues of the heart that you bring to the counseling office. As you identify issues, needs, and establish goals, we will work collaboratively through the entire counseling and coaching process.

I know the pain that anxiety, marital problems, pornography, depression and anger can cause, but I also know how to transform those things into incredible joy, deep relationships, and a powerful sense of self-worth. I love helping people overcome the challenges they face in life, and I have both the personal experience and professional training to help them reach their goals.

Sex partner in Grapevine

Do not let life drag you down any longer. Give me a call and together we can help you become the person you long to be. My primary focus is working with clients who want to create healthier relationships and have more fulfilling connections. This can be for couples or singles. Issues related to family of origin, friendships, intimate relationships, and relationships within families are often addressed in sessions. I also have experience with those struggling with anxiety, worry, and stress. In therapy I believe it is my role to be with clients on their journey of self discovery and acceptance and to build a healthy client-therapist relationship that they can take out into the world and use to build strong connections with others.

Our lives are filled with both joy and sadness, comforts and fears, strengths and weaknesses.

Sex partner in Grapevine

At times we may feel that the negativity in our lives is more than we can handle. Those are times when seeking out counseling can provide a great benefit. It is my great pleasure to work with many people to help them achieve their goals, find comfort and peace, and live well adjusted, fulfilling lives. I am blessed to have provided services to those needing Sex partner in Grapevine with: childhood disorders, grief, abuse, marriage and family conflict, bullying, stress management, parenting, faith crises, premarital and many more.

It takes courage to reach out for assistance. I acknowledge that, and welcome you to an environment that asks questions, and promotes change! In my practice, I strive to make the client feel safe, comfortable, and understood from the moment we meet.

The quality of the connection between the client and the therapist is fundamental to emotional growth and genuine change. I understand that there are certain feelings, problems, relationship dynamics and behaviors that one would like to feel better about as soon as possible. My practice does not ignore one's need for change in the here and now! Most everyone dreams of a life that will turn out as we imagine it. But often, life takes a detour from that plan and many times we face discomfort or unwanted pain.

We can experience anxiety, feel depressed, have broken relationships and don't know what to do.

Sex partner in Grapevine

You want someone who can help you, your marriage, or family to move forward in life. As a psychologist, I take an insight oriented approach that utilizes evidence based, proven therapeutic techniques. My clinical training has concentrated on the treatment of anxiety, depression, addiction and trauma.

Please visit www. If you prefer to give us a call, our office staff will be happy to assist you with scheduling an appointment, operating hours are Monday-Friday 9am-4pm.

Sex partner in Grapevine

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Sex Therapy in Grapevine, TX