Seeking rancher Gassville for ltr

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AR Ed Sanders, H. Cia, Sr. Please linlite a note they have moved I I! Mario B. Front Editor's Hotes. Searey County. We have revhed our list SOllIe are already out of print. Workshops and individual an alway. Genealogical books eake great gift love gift. N Hher thl!! Editor nor the Arkansaa Genealogical Society, Inc. Correspondence concerning sny articls should be Addresaed to the author' address is listed either at the beginning or end of their article.

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Seeking rancher Gassville for ltr

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Arkansas " by Kathryn Donham Rice Hardcover, 6 x 9". Many pictures of ministers, lists cf Membersearly minutes etc. Order from: First United! Att: History Committee, Center St. Rice for this Cift, others will Seeking rancher Gassville for ltr rending this for runny years.

Directions are given, to help lccate each cemetery. Order fram: CraBS Co. Genealogical Society, Box '4 or Grosse Co. Histortcal Society, Inc. Box We will mills him! Document your records as you progress. Many books are now published many in the last 5 or so years by individuals or family groups, who have had an interest in preserving their family history.

Find out the vital information about your parents, write it down, then look for data about your grandparents, greatgrandparents, etc. People can be identified in records by their names, the dates of events in their lives birth, marriage, deaththe places they lived, and by relationship to others either stated or implied in the records.

Here you will find much information in family Bibles, newspaper clippings, military certificates, birth and death certificates, marriage s, diaries, letters, scrapbooks, backs of pictures we hope they have been identified baby books, confirmation certificated, etc. Do not forget the in-laws. More often than not others before you have already gathered family data. You should write a letter, make a personal visit, or telephone survey to find out about such persons and'what information is already collected.

Advertise in the local genealogical bulletins city, county, Or state where your ancestors lived. The most widely circulated genealogical magazine which also specializes in getting people together who are working on the same families. Investigate the possibility of finding genealogical data in the records of the church to which your ancestors belonged.

Even if the church no longer exists, some neighboring church may hsve the first Seeking rancher Gassville for ltr often the last secretary - it is well worth the search. Before thst time these events'may be found recorded generally only in church records, family Bibles some time in newspapers, along with the Other news items, often hidden.

Marriages will be found recorded in most counties, dating often as early as the establishment of the county. NOTICEremember the counties were not all established at the same time you might also look in the next county. Such recorda are normally in the county courthouses. Often the.

Seeking rancher Gassville for ltr

They are paid to take care of the present day records, and there are many different records today I Between the phone calls they have about and the people who seem to always have the wrong office. Some few Courthouses have burned, but then many times all is not lost, and requests were often made to "please come and record your records, againh, after many early courthlse fires.

Eli Taylor C""'l'bell. I have been given permission to pub.

Seeking rancher Gassville for ltr

My parents emigrated to northwestern Arkansas from Tennessee about and belonged to the hardy pionee My father's oldest brother, Col. My uncle and 0 gentleman ncmed Murphy were the two last delegates to give in and vote in favor of secession. My father volunteered under the Governor's call on July 8,and was Captain of and raised the first company that was raised in Searcy County for the Confederate service, and they were mustered into service during the month of July in the.

He i, reported to have died at Oxforq, Miss. During the winter of the Union men through ""t our section of the state formed and otgq'lized a secret society among themselves with s and expected protection from the Union army when they invaded our state, but the Confederate Government learned of this secret orgolization and they organized the militia in the northwestern part of Arkansas and arrested more than one hundred Union men and carried them in chains, under guard t to little Rock, the capital of the state, and where they permitted them to volunteer to go into the southam army, and were sent to Bowling Green t KY.

I on the advance guard and in the afternoon we captured a moil carrier with a heavy mail from soldier's wives in Missour;:i, wht5e husbands were located at Bc:rte;s. As I was riding Seeking rancher Gassville for ltr young more, only three yeats old, Ihat was hardly bridle-wise and a farmer's saddle and had an old, long heavy squirrel rifle l my enthusiam lor a fighl was considerabley cooled aff when we rode about thr. And when our advonce guard 01 four rode up 10 the lop of the ridge and said to us that there was 0 heavy force iv5t over the ridge a short distance from us, aur Lieutenant Colonel Cloud, who was in command of the scouting party of thirty men, :wggesf'ed that we had better retreat.

Our volley fired inlo them was such a. I had ort. I had. I succeeded in making my way back through the timber to where we had 'tarted from and found that the army had left, but the lieutenant Colonel, who was in command of the scouts, was In the rear watching to see if we were being followed and discovered me running along in the hot, dusty road and wading the creek in my,tocking feet and I had by thi, time thrown r;rwoy my gun and in wading through the creek, I carried my shoes in my left hand and my saddle pockets on my right sh""lder and followed my command in a dag trot seven Of eight miles, until my cousin, who had cought my mare in the meantime, learned that I was bock there and he and a small squad was detailed to meet me.

Seeking rancher Gassville for ltr

I was so tired and my arm by this time had swollen to such an extent and I was out of breath and was unable to mount my horse when I had an opportunity of doing so. We marched bock to White River to a place called Mt. Olive, up the river from Batesvi1le, where we hod been in campi and my Qrm hod no attention from a doctor until the following morning when it was. My arm was broken right in the wrist t and it was three or four months belore 1 was able to u. In the meantime the regiment moved west to Marshall, the county seat of Searcy County, where I was raised, and as I was unable to be in the service, my Captain succeeded in getting me a discharge, as I was then only 17 years old and nat quite subject 10 conscription, and was glad to get bock home with my mother where I assisted in making a crop for her ond the rest of the family inbut the crop, WCI!

When the compony in which I volunteered thi. During lhe fall and winter of '63, northwestern Arkansas was over-run with deserlen, guerillas and theives who claimed that they belonged to Marmaduke's and Shelby's commands, but the commonds were. Witt, who commanded a regiment of recruits for the southern ormy, Seeking rancher Gassville for ltr Dover, Ark. On our return from this expedition we' learned that the Union troops were occupying oor winter quarters at Monhall, the county seat of our county, and that the Missouri guerillas had attacked our unarmed men and killed and wounded twentysix defenseless Confederate soldiers and the remainder was scattered in every direction.

As soon os the command was gone out af the country 1 met Capt. Rutherford, of McCrayls command, we succeeded in getting in between a foragillf:j party sent out from Batesville up White river and come up an them about sun rise on a morning in February, 8M, where they were enso! There were 35 wagons with 5tX mules to each ond cavalrymen as an escort, but we so completely surprised them and went at them so rapidly that a of them surrendered. Gooo, who then was ot Lanespart an the Red river, an the Texas border. Gaoo sent of the 30th Tex", Cavalry, with half of our company, the best mounted and the best armed men, on an expedition against Roseville, Ark.

Seeking rancher Gassville for ltr

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