Philanthropist needed for a lovely farm

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That support can come in the form of ever necessary and vital fundraising or practical support and volunteering. The following A-Z gives a range of ideas and ways in which you can support us; including some ideas that will cost you nothing more than a few minutes of your time. Why not book to do it and ask your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you; you can set up your own fundraising on our website. Adopt an Animal : Adopting one of our animals for yourself or as a gift for someone else provides us with funds to help feed and care for our animals.

Advertising: You can help to promote the farm and increase our s of supporters by advertising us and what we do; this could be as simple as liking and sharing our social media posts or taking and displaying a poster or flyers about the farm, our activities, and events in your workplace. for more information. You can either buy in all the ingredients or why not ask people to make and donate the various components? Everyone pays to sit down and enjoy the afternoon tea with the money being donated to the farm.

To make it even more fun, why not pick a theme so everyon e can dress up; e. If you keep forgetting to go to Amazon Smile instead of Amazon, you can install Smilematic — a free Chrome Extension — which will automatically take you to Amazon Smile, whenever you try and go to Amazon. No effort, no cost! Auction: Get everyone you know to donate an item they no longer want or need then get together with friends, your sports team or your colleagues and auction them off, with the Philanthropist needed for a lovely farm raised being donated to the farm. Then get everyone together to Auction the promises to the highest bidder with the money raised being donated to the farm.

Baby ID Parade: Definitely one for the workplace. Get as many colleagues involved as possible. Everyone brings in a picture of themselves as a baby and pays a donation to enter. We offer a great all-inclusive package that means you can just relax and enjoy the fun. Profit from the parties helps support our education programmes for children. Bales : Just like everyone else; our animals love a comfy bed.

Coffee Mornings: Are a firm favourite; just gather some friends together for a great morning of coffee, cake and chat — ask for a minimum donation for the farm; we can even lend you a VCF Collection Pot for the donations! to get a collection pot. Collection Pots: Host one of our collection pots in your place of work or even at home!

Get colleagues, friends and family involved and arrange them in groups of four with each person paying an entry fee and have your own Come Dine With Me competition! Corporate Events: Looking for a place to hold a team meeting, product launch or team building day; we have two great meeting rooms available to hire with additions like refreshments, catering and equipment hire available. We can even provide activities and entertainment meet the animalsbutter making and other workshops.

Philanthropist needed for a lovely farm

to discuss your needs and how we can help. Corporate Social Responsibility : Another one for businesses; these days it is really important and valuable for businesses to display their CSR credentials and supporting a local charity like ours is a great way to do it. Take a look at out Corporate Supporter Opportunities to get some great ideas of ways to get involved with the farm and enhance your CSR practice.

Donate Direct: You can make a direct donation via our websiteeither as a single donation or giving a set amount each month; direct donations are extremely important and valuable to us and help us keep the farm open and able to support 10, children and young people to benefit from our education and support programmes each year. Donation Pots : Host one of our collection pots in your place of work or even at home!

Entry Donations : Please encourage everyone you know to visit and enjoy the farm but please remind them to donate in one of the collection points around the farm.

Philanthropist needed for a lovely farm

Your support of these events and activities helps generate profit to support our work. Facebook: Please find us on Facebook! Follow us, like and share our posts. All of this costs nothing except a little of your time but it really helps us raise awareness of the farm and get new supporters. Farmer for a Day : Love animals? Know someone else who loves animals? And you decide to keep them for the next time you go to Indonesia, 20 years from now?

Rather than stashing your foreign change for years and year and years, you can now bring any foreign currency to the farm and swap it for feed for the animals! How cool is that? Gifts in Kind : This is pretty much as it sounds; instead of giving money you can donate something instead, this could be by buying something direct from our Amazon Wish Listsor it could be by taking a look at the things on the lists and buying and donating them from somewhere else.

Some people prefer to call us and see if there is anything particular we need that fits with their budget. Sometimes companies will to see if we want any of their unwanted items building materials, office supplies and so on. It can even be a donation of time from someone with particular, useful skills. Gift Shop : We have our own small shop on site which contains a range of farm themed gifts and goodies for all ages.

Philanthropist needed for a lovely farm

There are also some lovely items that would make perfect gifts, many from independent suppliers and crafts people. Give as you live : If you love online shopping then register with Give as you live and select Vauxhall City Farm as your chosen charity. Every time you purchase from a Give as you live affiliated website and there are thousands to choose from a donation is made to the farm at no extra cost to you! Give as you earn : Also known as payroll giving. Basically, each month a set amount that you deate will be deducted from your salary and passed on to the farm. Find out more about the scheme run by the Charities Aid Foundation.

Golf Day: Organise a golf day with or without a dinner afterwards, add in a guest speaker if you can, throw in a few prizes and perhaps a raffle. Whatever the day looks like simply charge people more than the golf club charges you many golf clubs will give a discount for charity events and donate the profits to the farm.

Every time you purchase from a Go Raise affiliated website and there are thousands to choose from Go Raise will make a donation to the farm at no extra cost to you! Hire our animals : Our animals love meeting people! Horses at VCF : Did you know we offer riding lessons for individuals? Profit from these lessons helps to subsidise the cost of provision of lessons for disabled children. Please follow and like our instagram posts; this helps build our supporter base.

Incubation: We run incubation projects in schools ; this gives children and adults the opportunity to find out more about animals, learn how chicks develop within the egg and ultimately see eggs hatching. The Philanthropist needed for a lovely farm we charge for this service help support the care and welfare of our chickens back at the farm. If you know a school or even a business that might enjoy seeing eggs hatch into chicks first hand please put them in touch with us.

Karaoke Competition: Pay to enter; have a judging panel or audience voting system to identify the winners choose a range of so everyone has a chance; e.

Philanthropist needed for a lovely farm

Legacy Giving : Leaving us a gift in your Will help us to be more sustainable, keep the farm running and help us to continue to support vulnerable and disadvantaged children, young people and adults with additional needs. Find out more. Manpower: We are always in need of helping hands in all departments of the farm! You can volunteer as an individual or with your work team!

Philanthropist needed for a lovely farm

Manure: Where there are animals, there is also a lot of sh…owstopping shenanigans! And also manure. Luckily, horse manure is a fantastic fertiliser and you can pick it up, ready and bagged from the farm, for a small donation!

Philanthropist needed for a lovely farm

Win — Win! Every year thousands of peoplerun marathons for charity, raising billions of pounds. You and your company could be next! Office Sweepstake: you can run a sweepstake for just about anything; from sporting events to what colour hat the queen wears to Ascot. Simply put all the options in a hat, everyone pays to be involved; keep part of the money as a prize for the winner and donate the rest to the farm.

A quick, simple and fun way to raise money. Texts will be charged at your standard network rate. Payroll giving : Also known as Give as You Earn. Donate the remaining money to the farm. You can increase your fundraising by selling drinks, popcorn or cookies during the night!

Raffle: Get people to donate a few prizes then sell raffle tickets in the workplace to raise money for the farm. Regular giving: You can set up a regular monthly donation via our website ; even a donation of a few pounds a month will add up and make a real difference to us!

Philanthropist needed for a lovely farm

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