Newly single hopeless romantic

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One guy's view of love, heartbreak, loneliness and all the other emotions those bring according to my life experience. Most times were wonderful; some hurt like hell. But in the end I am so thankful for each romance and relationship. I often say I put the hopeless in hopeless romantic, but I had a great time with wonderful people. I would not change one thing.

It was either that or Harry Connick, Jr. All my life I've been waiting for someone and when I find her, she's My car just hit a water buffalo. She was average cute. She was the only girl up there. The air was thin! I believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. I believe there ought to be a constitutional amendment outlawing Astroturf and the deated hitter. I believe in the sweet spot, soft-core pornography, opening your presents Christmas morning rather than Christmas Eve and I believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days.

I'm back. In Memphis, talking to you. I have ice in my glass And I know what I have to do now. I gotta keep breathing. Because tomorrow the sun will rise. Who knows what the tide could bring? That is the purpose of life. Sam: Hey, have a good life.

Diane: Have a Newly single hopeless romantic life? Sam: What? Diane: Well, that's something you say when somethings over. Sam, I'm going away for six months. That's all. So no more of this 'Have a good life' stuff. Sam: You never know. You could die, I could die, the world could end. One of us could bump our he and wander the streets the rest of our lives with amnesia.

Or maybe, one of us will decide we want something else. Diane: None of those things will happen. I'll be back here. I will. I'll see you in six months, OK? PG min Adventure, Comedy, Drama.

Newly single hopeless romantic

When both he and a colleague are about to lose their job, Walter takes action by embarking on an adventure more extraordinary than anything he could have ever imagined. R min Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi. In a near future, a lonely writer develops an unlikely relationship with an operating system deed to meet his every need. R min Comedy, Drama, Romance. After a stint in a mental institution, former teacher Pat Solitano moves back in with his parents and tries to reconcile with his ex-wife.

Things get more challenging when Pat meets Tiffany, a mysterious girl with problems of her own. Director: David O. Ryan Bingham enjoys living out of a suitcase for his job, travelling around the country firing people, but finds that lifestyle threatened by the presence of a potential love interest, and a new hire presenting a new business model.

PG 96 min Animation, Adventure, Comedy. R 96 min Comedy, Romance. An uptight television producer takes control of a morning show segment on modern relationships hosted by a misogynistic man. In the summer ofa college graduate takes a 'nowhere' job at his local amusement park, only to find it's the perfect course to get him prepared for the real world. PG min Comedy, Drama, Fantasy. Bertram Pincus is a man whose people skills leave much to be desired. When Pincus dies unexpectedly, but is miraculously revived after seven minutes, he wakes up to discover that he now has the annoying ability to see ghosts.

Devastated Peter takes a Hawaiian vacation in order to deal with the recent break-up with his TV star girlfriend, Sarah. Little does he know, Sarah's traveling to the same resort as her ex - and she's bringing along her new boyfriend.

PG min Biography, Drama. A struggling salesman takes custody of his son as he's poised to begin a life-changing professional career. PG min Comedy, Romance. A smooth-talking man falls for a hardened columnist while helping a shy ant woo a beautiful heiress. R min Comedy, Romance. Goaded by his buddies, a nerdy guy who's never "done the deed" only Newly single hopeless romantic the pressure mounting when he meets a single mother.

Newly single hopeless romantic

R min Action, Drama, Sci-Fi. In a future British tyranny, a shadowy freedom fighter, known only by the alias of "V", plots to overthrow it with the help of a young woman. PG min Comedy, Drama, Romance. An Eastern European tourist unexpectedly finds himself stranded in JFK airport, and must take up temporary residence there.

PG min Drama, Musical, Romance. PG min Drama, Romance. A poor yet passionate young man falls in love with a rich young woman, giving her a sense of freedom, but they are soon separated because of their social differences.

When their relationship turns sour, a couple undergoes a medical procedure to have each other erased from their memories. PG 99 min Comedy, Drama, Romance. Henry Roth is a man afraid of commitment until he meets the beautiful Lucy.

They hit it off and Henry think he's finally found the girl of his dreams until discovering she has short-term memory loss and forgets him the next day. R min Comedy, Drama. A faded movie star and a neglected young woman form an unlikely bond after crossing paths in Tokyo. PG min Comedy, Fantasy, Romance.

Newly single hopeless romantic

A cocky, chauvinistic advertising executive magically acquires the ability to hear what women are thinking. A fast-lane investment broker, offered the opportunity to see how the other half lives, wakes up to find that his sports car and girlfriend have become a mini-van and wife. PG min Adventure, Drama, Romance. A FedEx executive undergoes a physical and emotional transformation after crash landing on a deserted island. R min Drama. A sexually frustrated suburban father has a mid-life crisis after becoming infatuated with his daughter's best friend. PG min Drama, Fantasy, Romance.

Death, who takes the form of a young man, asks a media mogul to act as a guide to teach him about life on Earth, and in the process, he falls in love with his guide's daughter. Chris Nielsen dies in an accident, and enters Heaven. But when he discovers that his beloved wife Annie has killed herself out of grief over the loss, he embarks on an afterlife adventure to reunite with her. PG min Comedy, Drama.

Newly single hopeless romantic

R min Drama, Romance. Will Hunting, a janitor at M. A single mother and waitress, a misanthropic author, and a gay artist form an unlikely friendship after the artist is assaulted in a robbery. Director: James L. When a sports agent has a moral epiphany and is fired for expressing it, he decides to put his new philosophy to the test as an independent agent with the only athlete who stays with him and his former colleague. A widowed U. President running for reelection and an environmental lobbyist fall in love. It's all above-board, but "politics is perception," and sparks fly anyway.

The presidencies of Kennedy and Johnson, the Vietnam War, the Watergate scandal and other historical events unfold from the perspective of an Alabama man with an IQ of 75, whose only Newly single hopeless romantic is to be reunited with his childhood sweetheart. R min Drama, Romance, War. In the early s, three brothers and their father living in the remote wilderness of Montana are affected by betrayal, history, love, nature, and war.

A recently widowed man's son calls a radio talk-show in an attempt to find his father a partner. A young Irish couple flee to the States, but subsequently struggle to obtain land and prosper freely.

Newly single hopeless romantic

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