Looking 4 fun out in Athens today

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Looking 4 fun out in Athens today

Home » Europe » Greece » Athens. Visit Athens, and you will experience both a modern metropolis and historical open-air museum. The Greeks remain proud of their history, so much so no building is allowed to tower over the Acropolis, which can be viewed on from below from multiple vantage points.

That said, Athens is neither tiny nor easy to navigate. While the newer areas have a grid system, many of the ancient cities maze about. You may have a tough time deciding where to bunk up in Athens, due to its layout.

Moreover, there are certain neighborhoods that you want to stay in for nightlife, tourist attractions, etc. This neighborhood guide will help you decide where to stay in Athens based on your travel preferences! The clean, minimalist style of this beautiful apartment is second to none — and definitely one of the best Airbnbs in Athens! It sleeps up to three with a double bed and a sofa bedmaking it a total bargain for such a central part of town.

Looking 4 fun out in Athens today

This brand-new Athens hostel is far from your old, dilapidated dorm. Each funky bunk is decorated with urban artwork and even the social area has some impressive des on the walls.

Looking 4 fun out in Athens today

The sunny terrace and team of friendly staff endeavor to make the hostel a social and welcoming place to meet new people and relax in total comfort. And speaking of comfort, Nubian provides cozy and private-feeling dorm beds. Plus, every floor has a kitchenette! The Athenaeum screams comfort. We recommend this hotel above any others because of their consistent quality service. Once the nightlife district, the government shut down many of the bars to discourage seedy characters. If you feel Plaka may stretch the purse strings a little, head to Gazi. But with anarchy comes change and creativity, and today Exarchia is where the cool kids hang out.

Kifissia is a relaxed, leafy district in northern Athens. It really is the antidote to the bustling, busy streets of the centre which makes it a popular pick with families. There are few cities where old and new sit so well together. Once the heart of Ancient Greece, the Athens landscape is peppered with reminders of the incredible civilization dating back to the 5th Century BC. Tourists flock to see the Acropolis and the Parthenon — and for good reason!

These iconic buildings tell the tale of empires, conquerors and defeat, and make Athens the historical capital of Europe. Like many European cities, there are different neighborhoods, each with their own feel and flavor. Any two different visitors can have completely different experiences depending on where they stay in Athens.

With access to some most fascinating archaeological sites of our time, visitors travel from all around the world and luxury accommodation is available for those who want it. Most people looking for where to stay in Athens opt for Plaka. Guests are right on top of the key sites, and the pedestrianised area is a relaxed one to wander. In Exarchia, street art and hipster bars dominate the streets, while Psiri is well-renowned Looking 4 fun out in Athens today the nightlife district.

Many travellers on a budget in Athens opt to skip the archaeological zone and stay in Gazi where they still have easy access to all areas of the city. Families may consider Kifissia, which is a favorite with those looking for a relaxed pace of life.

Want more deetz on why we love it so damn much? Then read our comprehensive review! Unlike many North American cities, Athens is a bustling, sensory maze. While some kind of grid system exists in the newer areas, the ancient streets of the city centre look like rabbit warrens from above.

These include…. When you want to take a break from seeing the archaeological sites on your doorstep, there are plenty of opportunities to browse the shops and explore the cafe and restaurant scene. Some would say the area is highly touristic; however, in a city as highly desirable as Athens, this feels unavoidable. For the most part, Plaka does a fantastic job of blending the local culture with the needs of the tourists — with a few cheap, take-home masks of the Ancient Greeks for good measure! Why opt for a hotel room when you can indulge in an entire apartment? This is where to stay for a comfortable crash pad at the end of a long day.

Looking for where to stay in Plaka and have fun? You can begin and end your search at Athens Backpackers. Halfway between the Temple of Olympian Zeus and the Acropolis, the roof terrace looks out over both and offers Looking 4 fun out in Athens today social hang out to meet new friends. Soft sheets, stylish features and elegant details characterise Adrian Hotel. Once the industrial site of the old city gas-works, today the factory has been turned into a unique museum and cultural centre.

Interestingly, it was the only one of its kind in Europe not bombed during WWII as the Germans were worried an attack would damage the Parthenon. Many describe Gazi as the new cafe and restaurant district and others simply utilize it as an affordable base from which to explore Athens. Surrounded by bars, restaurants and amenities, this stylish base has everything you need and more. Those looking for where to stay in Gazi without breaking the bank should consider Chameleon Hostel.

The dorm rooms are clean and minimalistic while the social spaces boast traditional Greek mansion style. They stirred up trouble and it was commonly thought that Psyri was the center of the underworld. With easy access to all the highlights of the area and plenty of public transport links, this attractive flat is well catered to almost any type of traveller. Despite the bargain prices, the rooms are comfy and secure with all your usual amenities.

Arty types will love Degrees.

Looking 4 fun out in Athens today

Adding a splash of colour to your ocean of plain hotels, this venue boasts minimalist style and a little touch of marble. Contemporary art spaces, street art and speciality coffee bars are popping up everywhere, much to the excitement of 20 and something travellers. More importantly, Exarchia feels vibrant. Creativity hangs in the air while tourists and locals stir their morning coffee and make plans for the day.

One of the most attractive features is the gorgeous patio garden area overflowing with hanging plants and pretty lanterns. The perfect base to chill if the busy district gets a bit much! We love how artsy the hostel is; elaborate art decorates every room and even the furniture carries decorative elegance. End your search of where to stay in Exarchia now!

Kifissia is a relaxed, leafy district to stay in Athens. It really is the antidote to the bustling, busy streets of the centre, which makes it a popular pick with families — or in fact anyone keen for a chilled city break.

There are a fleet of reliable buses to take you downtown, or you can even catch a Metro train all the way to the boats Looking 4 fun out in Athens today the port. The houses of the neighbourhood are nothing if not elegant, and the streets are full of mansions and elaborate gardens. This modern ground floor flat has a garden area to enjoy sunset drinks and two sizeable double bedrooms — perfect for the family!

Better yet, the elegant neighbourhood of Kifisia is all within short reach. Hotel Des Roses provides a cool and comfy pad to stroll the neighbourhood from — without breaking the bank, and get a buffet-style breakfast to boot! Grab a drink at the fully-stocked hotel bar or meander down to the Museum of Natural History which is just a few streets away. Why stay in anything less than luxury in a neighbourhood renowned for high-end elegance? At Coco-Mat, the friendly staff are determined to make your stay relaxing from start to finish. Your pad will be so much more than a room — many feature full-length windows, stylish lounge areas and private balconies.

The breakfast buffet also needs to be seen to be believed! The Acropolis and its surroundings held many of the ancient seats of government for the Athenians. The new Acropolis would then be the neighborhood of Syntagma! This is ideal if you have to be at the airport tomorrow for a morning flight or to the port to catch a ferry to the islands but want to get out and experience some of Athens today. So if you need to know where to stay in Athens for one night, have a look at our recommendations below. The neighborhood of Syntagma also has some attractions of its own! The main square provides an excellent view of the yellow building that houses the Hellenic Parliament.

This hostel has both private rooms and social dorms. One of the main attractions of the hostel is the chill and intimate bar where you can unwind and take it easy after a day in the Mediterranean heat. With the right room, you can have a view of Syntagma Square and of the Hellinic Parliament! Athens is both a modern metropolis and a historical open-air museum — all at the same time.

Be ready. Our 1 recommendation for a stay in Athens is the Plaka neighborhood. It does a good job of blending the local culture with what travellers need. Plus, it might just be the 1 place to have fun in town! When looking at areas one should avoid in Athens, Omonia, Exarcheia, Vathi, and Kolokotroni Squares are usually a no-go at night — if not altogether. We know it can be difficult to narrow down where to stay in Athens, especially when each neighborhood has its own atmosphere and unique characteristics.

We wrote this guide to help you determine the best neighborhood based on your travel preferences. For first-time visitors, we recommend staying in Plaka. For more advice and recommendations, check out our detailed guide to visiting Athens!

Looking 4 fun out in Athens today

If you are on a budget, check out Gazi. If all else fails, our favorite hotel in Athens is Athenaeum Grand Hoteland our top recommendation for the best hostel in Athens is Nubian Hostel. No matter where you stay in Athens, get ready for an exciting trips full of ancient history and delicious food! I have been using World Nom for some time now and made a few claims over the years.

Looking 4 fun out in Athens today

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Looking 4 fun out in Athens today

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Looking 4 fun out in Athens today

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