Beautiful couples looking casual dating Virginia

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Ranging in relationships of four years to 42, here are seven DC couples whose meet-cute stories are worth the read. It was a bold move. But, hey…almost 30 years later, three kids, and a dog, I stand on my record. Without a doubt the most influential day of my life. She was the most beautiful person I had ever seen. Still is. Where they currently live: Shepherd Park How they met: Forty-two years ago—on January 15,to be exact—at the Air and Space Museum, Lonnie had recently begun his first job as an educator and historian, and Maria, enrolled in the Museum Education program at GW, was on her first day as an intern.

From that casual meeting, one could never have imagined how relationships with Maria and with the Smithsonian would transform my life. We had a wonderful conversation about culture and the changing gender roles and she schooled me about museums. However, there was not much he could tell me about museums. I had already had a budding career in the profession.

Beautiful couples looking casual dating Virginia

He tried to impress, and I let him try, as I soaked in his limited wisdom. Years together: Sarah was having a drink with a friend, and, out of nowhere, Sheila approached her. On a trip to Chicago, Sarah proposed in front of St. James Chapel as the couple was walking down Rush Street. How they met: While covering the President on the road, the duo met at a Trump rally in Iowa. Haha, I thought he was very cute.

Romance came later. Jeremy was already in New Hampshire, and asked Ali if she wanted to grab breakfast. She was exhausted, but acquiesced. Years together: 19 Occupations: Virginia is the creative director and owner of local store Steadfast Supply; Kelly is a muralist and painter. Where they currently live: DC How they met: InVirginia spied Kelly going into his art studio one day while they were students at the University of Maryland, but she initially thought he was too cool for her. A few years later, they officially started dating in They now have an 8-year-old son and a dog. The two connected, they say, over their shared love of the arts, culture, fashion, and being involved.

He seemed shy, Beautiful couples looking casual dating Virginia with a wonderful smile and warm demeanor when I introduced myself. We hit it off and talked for quite a while. Funny, as that is what I later found attractive. We chatted for a while even though we kept getting interrupted by friends of his. Arash was immediately smitten—his interest was even more piqued when Sara told him she was Persian and he learned they shared the same cultural background. After five minutes of chatting he asked her out for kabobs, which caught Sara off guard. Kabobs aside, they exchanged s and Arash contacted her the next day to set up a date.

He seemed a little too confident for my liking, but I [also] saw something in him that I liked.

Beautiful couples looking casual dating Virginia

I knew she had a line of guys at her door. She worked at the Pentagon at the time, so I was a little intimidated. Arash was 30 minutes late, but must have pulled it together because after just seven months of dating, Arash proposed at the Lincoln Memorial with the help of TAA PR and event planner Andre Wellsand Sara said yes.

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Beautiful couples looking casual dating Virginia

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Beautiful couples looking casual dating Virginia

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