21 fun caring Cincinnati Ohio women

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Our annual fundraiser will ignite change in your own unique spaces, with your closest friends while being virtually connected to hundreds of people passionate about systems-level change. Our mission is to ensure the economic self-sufficiency of women in the Greater Cincinnati area and ignite a shared desire to improve it. We focus on child care, employment, living wage, and training and education interventions for women and their families at a systems level. Women are disproportionately affected by poverty, as they tend to hold jobs in low-paying sectors and bear greater responsibility for caregiving in their family.

21 fun caring Cincinnati Ohio women

We believe, and research shows, by improving the circumstances for women, the entire community will benefit. United States Senator Sherrod Brown introduced an emergency paid sick days legislation to provide workers in Ohio paid…. We lead our community in ensuring the economic self-sufficiency of women in our region and ignite a shared desire to improve it. And the benefit's impact won't stop there. Another 61, children in the county region outside of the city live in poverty, according to U.

Census Bureau estimates. Spriggs, who is Black. Spriggs and others are pushing back against a strongly held tenet of economics: that differences in wages largely reflect differences in skill. And as the White House and Senate negotiators flesh out an infrastructure plan, it's precisely workers like her who are at risk of being left out of the improvements the plan has promised.

A ificant investment in care, including affordable access to high-quality child and elder care, would reach every American.

21 fun caring Cincinnati Ohio women

But leaving behind that support would stunt the economic growth infrastructure spending could provide. In the lead-up, the White House and community groups are launching a campaign to raise awareness for the most vulnerable families who are eligible for the money for the first time but will need to take extra steps to get it.

The funds will come in the form of the child tax credit, which was expanded in March for a year and amended so that families can receive the money in the form of monthly checks, instead of an annual lump sum. We loved hosting a round table to discuss the issues impacting women and their families in Southwest Ohio.

us! Interested, and want to learn more? Registration is open to all. Registration will apply to the entire series, but you are welcome to attend just those sessions most relevant to you. Friends, let's get together.

21 fun caring Cincinnati Ohio women

It's been over a year since we've seen you in person. Let's fix that. Women prepared to step into open civic boards and commission seats through Appointed. Companies using our Employer Toolkit to support their lower-wage employees. Research reports moving elected officials and business leaders to informed action. Our Impact. Why Women? Learn More. New Women's Fund analysis can help. Local Cliff Effect keeps Hamilton County families below The….

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21 fun caring Cincinnati Ohio women

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